A downloadable game for Windows

A timing game where you never know when the game will change the way you see it.

The goal of the game is click to change the color of the head to be the same color as the wall that it's about to hit into.

Over time the game will change, like the screen will turn sides, changing game into a up to down or might become a down to up or right to left and left to right making this really fun, also the game keeps challenging you more and more by going faster as well.

One of side things you can do in this game is turn off what you don't want to have in the game, like you can turn off the music and the sounds also you can turn off the background and many more things within the game.

There are two awesome songs to listen to while playing the game, to change the song you just need to click on the CD in the main menu.

This is a great game to play alone but it is also fun to take turns trying to best your friends or family score.

One of the things I did before with this game is start it up when everyone came to a small get together, we all had a great time playing it and topping one another scores.

I hope everyone has fun playing it. That's my take on Magic Head.

Left Click = Red Face

Right click = Blue Face


Magic Head.exe 28 MB