A downloadable game for Windows

A great shooter with unique art work and isn't a normal type shooter.

You don't move your ship but need to shoot at everything that's coming at you while moving forwards. Making you aim and time every shot you fire.

There are two boss fights in this game, but both are drawn very well and both fights are very fun.

The skills level isn't high with this game once you get the hang of it, and that's a good thing. It's open to everyone no matter what skill level you are on, you can win if you keep trying.

I found this game to be great fun, and also very addictive. I told one other person about this game, and after they tried it they won it before turning it off.

So give it a try and see how much you enjoy it, you might find a great deal of fun with this one.


Vans Revenge.exe 40 MB